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Our M.O.

Here's How We Do Business...

We set up a free consultation. You talk. We listen. You tell us your marketing life story; what has worked, what hasn't. You tell us about your hopes and dreams for your company, i.e. your mission and your goals. We take copeas notes. The wheels begin to spin. Light bulbs suddenly appear above our heads. Occasional fireworks go off. It's really quite something.


We promise to get back to you within a specified time with a plan of action. You anxiously await our return in hopes of a better tomorrow for your business.


We meet again. We talk marketing strategy. We talk goals and timelines. We show you how you can save a ton of money by hiring Red Tulip Marketing Co. v. employing a full-time marketing director or agency to do exactly the same thing. 


You ponder a bit. You decide to give it a shot. We handle everything marketing related for you going forward. You go back to running your business. You smile often. We smile back at you. We all live and work happily ever after.

It's no fairy tale. It's just how we do business.



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